About the Board

Term Expirations

Terms end on June 30 each year.

  • Rosie Camargo
  • Alice Creason
  • Thomas Stagg
  • Karen Voitik
  • Yolande Wilburn

  • Dianne Hollister
  • Rene Leyva
  • Julie Milavec
  • Vanessa Villarreal

  • Monica Tolva Caldicott
  • Jean Carroll
  • Gwen Gregory
  • Jennifer Hovanec
  • Alex Vancina
  • Catherine Yanikoski

Requirements and Duties



Email Accounts

All email exchanges related to your board service are subject to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) disclosure. For this reason, you will have a RAILS email address to use for all RAILS Board business.

Your email address is firstname.lastname@board.railslibraries.org. Your login is firstname.lastname. Please contact the RAILS IT department at 630.734.5290 to secure your password.

It is important to check this email account frequently and to respond to all messages as soon as possible. You may choose to have your RAILS email come to your smartphone along with your other email accounts. RAILS IT staff can help you set this up at your Burr Ridge orientation session if you wish.

For assistance with your RAILS email account, contact RAILS IT at: