Policy & Human Resources Guidance for Libraries

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General Resources

Guidance on Specific Legal & Policy Issues

Memoranda, templates, and other documents are from attorney Julie Tappendorf of Ancel Glink, unless otherwise noted.

Freedom of Information Act/Open Meetings Act

RAILS FOIA/OMA Hotline (login required)

Public library directors and FOIA/OMA designees can get basic legal advice from Ancel Glink; a service provided to Illinois libraries by RAILS.

Interlibrary Loan and Reciprocal Access/Borrowing

RAILS members are required by Illinois rules to participate in interlibrary loan and provide reciprocal access to library materials. Public libraries are required to allow reciprocal borrowing of materials by cardholders of other public libraries. RAILS has compiled some basic guidance for ILL and reciprocal access.

RAILS Guide to Interlibrary Loan and Reciprocal Access

Cameras in Libraries

Sample photo/video policy covers members of the public taking photographs and videorecordings in the library, as well as filming done by the library.

Decennial Committees on Local Government Efficiency Act

50 ILCS 70/1 et seq. requires public library districts and other units of local government to form a committee to study local efficiencies.

Employment & Labor Law

Required Workplace Posters & Disclosures (Illinois Department of Labor)

Illinois Minimum Wage

Illinois minimum wage rates began increasing in a series of seven adjustments beginning on January 1, 2020.

Basic information compiled by RAILS

Sexual Harassment Policy

An Illinois statute passed in November 2017 requires public libraries and other units of local government to adopt an ordinance or resolution to establish a policy prohibiting sexual harassment. The new law requires the policy to include several provisions, and sets January 16, 2017 as the day by which the policy must be in place (though the statute does not indicate a penalty for late adoption). Julie Tappendorf of the Ancel Glink law firm has provided us with some guidance for libraries.

Blog post about the new sexual harassment policy requirement

Travel Expense Policy

The Illinois Local Government Travel Expense Control Act requires local government agencies to regulate the reimbursement of all travel, meal, and lodging expenses of officers and employees.

Library District Alcohol Policy

The Illinois Liquor Control Act allows public library districts to approve the delivery and sale of alcohol in library-owned buildings during fundraising events or programs of a cultural or educational nature, in accordance with a policy approved by the library board.

Nonresident Services

See our current-issues toolkit on Library Service to People in Unserved Areas.

Website Posting Requirements for Public Libraries

Revised version includes information relating to severance agreements and ADA notice.‚Äč