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Many of our training events have been recorded. Search for past webinars and workshops below.

Some recordings are available only to people affiliated with RAILS libraries.

Latest Recordings

  • Getting Started with OpenRefine

    OpenRefine is the tool you need for messy or complex data, and it allows you to easily connect to other data sources and use APIs even when you are not a programmer. This session introduces the basics for getting OpenRefine on your computer, importing data, filtering and faceting, and editing data in bulk, as well as how to connect to other data sources for reconciling your data.

    Download the practice files and slide deck.

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  • Why Emotional Intelligence Matters at Work

    This program will discuss what is Emotional Intelligence. It will help the participant to understand how understanding the emotions of themselves and others can lead to more collaborative and productive work relationships. People managers will gain tools to help them with their own jobs and also to help their direct reports. Come be part of the discussion that employers around the globe are having with people - understanding emotions and building actions for maximum job satisfaction.

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  • Motivation and Empowerment: Skills for Library Leaders

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  • 2024 Children's Books: A Plethora of Amazing Choices!

    We are living in the Golden Age of Children's Literature, no doubt about It. At the same tlme, we are also living in an era where more books are being published for kids than we've ever seen before. How can you possibly cut through the mass to find the gems?

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  • Problem Solving and Facilitation: Skills for Library Leaders

    This workshop will include a detailed explanation of the six steps in the problem-solving process as well as two techniques to use during that process: brainstorming and decision making. It will then cover the role of the facilitator, knowledge and expertise needed by the facilitator, as well as some of the skills of an effective facilitator. It will also include a detailed handout with information that will be useful to the attendees long after the conclusion of the workshop. 

    Desired Learning Outcomes: 

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