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Many of our training events have been recorded. Search for past webinars and workshops below.

Some recordings are available only to people affiliated with RAILS libraries.

Latest Recordings

  • Literacy as a Political Issue: Libraries and Book Challenges

    Libraries have seen a significant increase in collection, display, and program challenges. Janice Del Negro, Ph.D., discusses how to respond to challenges and understand the legal rights of libraries. Learn how to shore up support in the community by educating board members, staff, and patrons on the purpose of libraries and why intellectual freedom is critical.

    Presented by ARRT.

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  • TikTok Pro-Tips

    High school librarian Kelsey Bogan has built her library’s TikTok (@gvhslibrary) to over 58,000 followers. In this webinar, she shares some of the professional tips she recommends for building and maintaining a successful TikTok account for your library. This session focuses on the practical tips, tricks, and techniques you or your library can employ to leverage TikTok’s power.

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  • BIBFRAME Cataloging

    This final of three sessions will discuss using the BIBFRAME tools including MARCEdit and the BIBFRAME's own tools. Participants will compare MARC and BIBFRAME records, and "catalog" a title in BIBFRAME in real time.

    Click here for resources that include links to the BIBFRAME editors as well as a cataloging exercise. 

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  • BIBFRAME Introduction: BIBFRAME Modeling and Vocabularies

    This second of three sessions provides a detailed exploration of BIBFRAME modeling and vocabularies, continuing the discussion of how BIBFRAME changes our work for both copy and original cataloging.

    BIBFRAME Resources
    Knowledge Check

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  • Leveraging the Power of TikTok for Your Library

    Learn about many different ways libraries and librarians can leverage the power of TikTok. Using examples from her own TikTok, high school librarian Kelsey Bogan demonstrates how TikTok videos can be used by libraries for things like advocacy, collection development, readers advisory, outreach, and community building. She'll also talk about the safety of using TikTok, its powerful impact on the publishing industry, and more. 

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