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Many of our training events have been recorded. Search for past webinars and workshops below.

Some recordings are available only to people affiliated with RAILS libraries.

Latest Recordings

  • Consistent Content Marketing - Part 1 & 2

    Podcasts, videos, blogs, social media, newsletters, emails-- content is everywhere! If you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. This two- part webinar will help you get started, determine where to focus your efforts, and streamline the creation process. These are hands-on workshops.

    -A review of key different platforms to work with
    -Where to focus your content creation energy
    -The power of repurposing content
    -How to reach new audiences and build your brand

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  • Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

    This workshop will look at libraries and how to support our systems on the path to inclusion. Participants will learn about historical inequities of American libraries and gain a more profound knowledge of our unconscious biases. Attendees will learn about daily practices of how organizations can move forward with inclusion.


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  • CES 2023: Technology of the Future and Libraries


    Join Brian Pichman and his Consumer Electronic Show (CES) recap. CES is the ultimate tech conference that unveils the latest and greatest in tech gadgets and gizmos. Brian will share his findings of the next must-have technology announced at the event, along with some library partnerships that can help evolve your library's maker spaces. Learn more about tech trends such as AI, Metaverse, Robotics, and more in this webinar.

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  • The First Amendment and Illinois Libraries

    Many libraries are being targeted by First Amendment "auditors" who use their cell phones or other recording equipment to record their encounters with library employees in the library. In this session, you will learn about the legal protections for these constitutionally protected activities and hear best practices for dealing with an "auditor" if your library is targeted.

    A version of this session was originally presented at the 2022 ILA Annual Conference by Julie Tappendorf of Ancel Glink Law Firm.

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  • Sustainable Thinking for the Future of Libraries

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