Explore More Illinois, RAILS’ online cultural and recreational pass program for Illinois libraries, welcomes its newest attraction, the Western Illinois Museum in Macomb! 

The Western Illinois Museum is located in the heart of rural West Central Illinois and offers a welcoming, small-town experience. Housed in a 1926 building that was once home to a Ford dealership, it is now repurposed to house the Museum and its eclectic collection, including everything from agricultural equipment to fancy dresses. The Museum offers opportunities for visitors to participate in activities and view exhibits that engage and connect with their lives. Our open shelving collection area is where visitors can wander and see items that are not on exhibit, often leading to conversations starting with Museum staff and volunteers who are eager to connect with visitors. In addition to exhibits, several programs are offered on weekends and evenings including live music, film screenings, and workshops.

 Western Illinois Museum is offering a Free Copy of "The Tales of Two Rivers".  Explore More Illinois users can access and reserve passes from any of our attractions on their participating library’s website.

Please visit the Explore More Illinois website for a list of current attractions. For more information, please contact Jessica Barnes at 630.734.5181.

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