On April 30, discussion email lists that are managed by RAILS were moved from our old platform to the new RAILS ListServ environment. Subscribers on each list that was migrated over the weekend should have received a message sent to the list's new address, with details about the move. The most important thing for current subscribers to know is that messages now need to be sent to the list at @list.railslibraries.org.

For information about subscribing to RAILS ListServ email lists, please visit https://railslibraries.org/networking/email-lists .

Lists that RAILS hosts but are managed by member networking groups or associations will be migrated to ListServ during May. List managers will be contacted individually about the scheduling of their group's email list.

If you have any questions about RAILS email lists, please contact either Brian Smith (brian.smith@railslibraries.org) or Dan Bostrom (dan.bostrom@railslibraries.org).