Wood Dale Public Library Welcomes New Library Director and Bids Farewell to Former Director

The Wood Dale Public Library District is delighted to announce the new Executive Director, Christopher Renkosiak, who will join the library beginning March 20, 2023.  Mr. Renkosiak holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Tennessee and an undergraduate degree in Art, Media and Design from DePaul University.

As the Deputy Director of the Lincolnwood, IL, Public Library, Mr. Renkosiak has years of experience with strategic planning, community engagement, and the development of community relations. He has served as a Trustee and Co-Manager of the Illinois Library Association Marketing Forum and he has been a speaker/presenter at conferences of the Illinois Library Association. His work has received awards from the American Library Association and the Illinois Library Association.

The Board of Library Trustees selected Mr. Renkosiak after a five-month long search. He has met the library staff and he is eager to assume his new responsibilities with the Wood Dale Public Library District.

Yvonne Bergendorf retired from her position as Library Director in October. She served as Library Director of the Wood Dale Public Library for 19 years and was instrumental in developing innovative library services and positioning the library as a cornerstone of the community. Over the past 3 years, she administered a major renovation and addition to the library, insuring its continued leadership role within the Illinois Library Community.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Bergendorf was recognized as an innovative, talented, and respected leader in the library community. She served on the Illinois State Library Advisory Council, and she was a speaker at state and national library conferences. Years before there was a World Wide Web, Mrs. Bergendorf was instrumental in developing user-friendly email and internet service to libraries throughout central Illinois. Above all else, she was committed to the provision of free, equitable access to information. She eliminated fines at the Wood Dale Library years before other libraries followed, and she developed a single point of service model that continues to be replicated in other forward-thinking libraries. She had a leadership role in the development of automated service throughout the former DuPage Library System, and she worked closely with Wood Dale Schools to enhance service to students.

The Staff and Board of Wood Dale Public Library Trustees thank Director Bergendorf for her leadership, perseverance, innovation, and commitment. They wish her every success in future endeavors.