The Civic Lab and Beyond: Civic Engagement through Resources and Programming

The Civic Lab and Beyond: Civic Engagement through Resources and Programming
2 hr 4 min 48 s

Civic engagement is a core library value that seems even more urgent in today's polarized political landscape. How can we facilitate meaningful learning opportunities in the library to address these times? The Civic Lab is a pop-up library that encourages dialogue, exploration, and engagement on issues affecting our community. Featuring all-ages collections and resources on current events, such as climate change, Black Lives Matter, and executive orders, the flexible, mobile space is also used for inclusive programming. Learn how such pop-up spaces and other select programs can be used to cultivate civic discourse and conversation.

* The Library as Convener of Civic Engagement
* The Civic Lab Origin Story
* Pop-Ups for Civic Engagement
* Rapid Response News Pop-Ups
* Together at the Table

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
* Articulate and advocate for the role of the public library as convener of civic engagement opportunities in the community
* Identify strategies and topics for engaging the public in thought-provoking ideas and dialogue beyond traditional programming
* Design civic engagement opportunities for a range of library audiences that are relevant to the community and developmentally appropriate

Amy Koester is Youth & Family Program Supervisor at Skokie Public Library. Her favorite Civic Lap pop-up programs have included discussion on lesser-known accomplishments of women and net neutrality.

Amy Holcomb is the Experiential Learning Supervisor at Skokie Public Library, where she manages the BOOMbox, the library's STEAM space. She is on the Civic Lab curatorial team where she helps design and facilitate Civic Lab pop-ups that are often related to science. In 2014, Amy was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker.

Mimosa Shah is Adult Program Coordinator at Skokie Public Library, and a member of the Civic Lab curatorial team. She is proud of Civic Lab pop-up programs exploring the representation of and resistance by minority groups in contemporary America.

This recording is approximately 2 hours in length and was originally broadcast on April 6, 2018.