Please use the Illinois Delivery Support System to report missing items, mis-routed materials, damaged items, library closings that affect delivery, or to send us feedback about your delivery service.

Libraries on an "on call" or "on demand" delivery schedule should also use this ticketing system to request a pick-up.

You may also receive email notices about service interruptions that we send to libraries on each of our delivery routes.

Because our delivery communications rely on membership data in the Library Learning (L2) directory, we encourage you to maintain a current L2 account that's affiliated with your library. For assistance with your L2 account, contact L2 Help at

Illinois Delivery Support System (Delivery Help Desk)

To open a help desk ticket and report a delivery issue:

Send an email to Send your message from the email address used for your Library Learning (L2) account, so the ticketing system will recognize your library and route your message to the correct RAILS service center.

You may attach photos or documents to your help desk ticket.

After you submit a ticket, you'll receive email confirmation and status updates from RAILS delivery services staff. You can also check on your ticket's status by logging into the ticketing support system at with your L2 account's email address and password.

Email Notification of Delivery Interruptions and Changes

For each delivery route we manage, we send notification of delivery delays, cancellations, and other changes to the libraries on that route. To receive notices for your delivery route, your Library Learning (L2) account needs to be affiliated with your library and tagged with a relevant position/role. To add yourself to your route's notification list:

  1. Log into L2 at
  2. Click on Account, then click My Dashboard at the top right.
  3. Click the Edit link to the right of your library affiliation
  4. Select the checkbox for the Key Contact-Regional System:
    • System Delivery Contact
  5. Click the SAVE button.

Lost and Found Items

The items listed in the table below were sent through RAILS delivery with no delivery labels or markings to identify an owning library.

To claim anything from this list, please contact:

Demond Warfield,, 630-734-5142


Brock Spencer,, 630-734-5170

TitleAuthorFormatDate Posted
The Last Kids on Earth and the Cosmic BeyondBrallier, MaxHardcover4/18/23
Bone HollowVentrella, KimHardcover4/18/23