It is well known that libraries do great work and provide essential services to their users and communities. What is less well known is the impact that our work and services have on the lives of people we serve.

Data reveals much about the impact of our work, and is a crucial part of advocacy because it helps us tell compelling stories. Data is crucial to our understanding of what services our users want and how to develop new services to meet new needs. Using data to evaluate the impact of our services is essential to our stewardship of tax dollars.

Libraries continue to grow in how they interpret and use data. RAILS created the Data in Libraries Pulse Page to provide resources and support libraries in understanding, using, and sharing data. We plan to update these pages regularly, so if you know of any resource, report, or event that is missing feel free to suggest it.

Reports, Dashboards, and Maps

Deals & Discounts for Data Analytics

  • Gale Analytics - merges the library's ILS data with Mosaic segmentation from Experian, and other data sets, to evolve the way libraries do business and to help them make more informed decisions.
  • OpenGov - provides a platform to share your story with data driven context, connect with your community on topics that matter most and directly involve residents in decision making processes.
  • Patron Point - allows libraries to automate their day-to-day customer messaging and enhance their marketing into high-impact targeted campaigns.
  • OrangeBoy - a community engagement platform that lets you understand your customers needs in real-time, allowing you to deliver the services and lifelong learning opportunities that will help your community thrive, now and in the future.
  • ConverSight myLIBRO Insights - Data analytics platform - aggregates data collected through the ILS, door counters, resource usage, financial systems and other datasets and makes it accessible through a simple request, producing insights, reports and dashboards. Think of it as Google or Siri for your library's data.

E-Content Projects

Library Job Descriptions Repository